Ensuring U of G’s policies are up to date is a best practice that enables the University to reduce risk and build a strong values-based culture.

In 2022, U of G launched a review of its Policy on Non-Academic Misconduct, which sets expectations regarding student conduct within the U of G community. The review process has been informed by a third-party evaluation of U of G’s approach to non-academic misconduct in the University of Guelph Assessment of Non-Academic Misconduct Final Report (also known as the “McMurray Report”). The report contains 35 recommendations and proposes a significant restructuring of our approach to non-academic misconduct from both an operational and policy perspective.

The University is now positioned to implement the recommendations in the McMurray Report and we require input from faculty, staff and students that will help to shape:

  • A revised non-academic misconduct policy
  • A comprehensive approach to student conduct that encompasses all student conduct policies
  • A proposal to realign management of non-academic misconduct within the Student Rights and Responsibilities office

Here’s how you can get involved

Join a Focus Group

Faculty, staff and students are invited to participate in a focus group session where they may share their ideas and experiences as related to the following topics:

  • How you engage with the current policy and process for non-academic misconduct
  • Your thoughts on Restorative approaches
  • Your experiences of the policy and process for equity-deserving communities

Focus group sessions will be held on February 8 and February 28 for the Guelph campus.  The deadline to register for a focus group is the Friday before the session dates above. The focus group session for Ridgetown campus will happen in February as well, and the specific date will be confirmed in the near future.

If you would like to join the focus group happening for  the Guelph campus, please complete this form.

If you would like to join the focus group happening for the Ridgetown campus, please complete this form.

Complete This Brief Survey

Faculty, staff and students are invited to complete a brief survey that will seek input on the following topics:

  • Restorative approaches
  • Clarity of the workflow with the new office and policy
  • Potential barriers with the new process
  • Campus community needs and supports within the new approach

If you are based on U of G’s main campus in Guelph, please complete this survey.

If you are based on U of G’s Ridgetown campus, please complete this survey.

The survey is now available and will remain open until February 26.

University of Guelph-Humber students are subject to Humber College’s policies on non-academic misconduct.


If you have any questions about this exercise or how to participate in the activities above, please contact conducttaskforce@uoguelph.ca or visit the Task Force on Student Conduct Policy and Practice Sharepoint site.