We are happy to share that we have successfully accommodated all first-year students who have applied to live in residence on the Guelph campus.  

Confirmation notices were sent out to 4,462 students on June 2 by Student Housing Services

U of G is known for its outstanding student experience and part of that is the sense of community and the memorable connections that come with being on campus. We are pleased that all first-year students interested in residence life will have the opportunity to experience it. This has been the standard process for several years and one that we are focused on continuing.  

Last year was a unique one in that we had a record number of accepted offers of admission. With this in mind, we took proactive steps to ensure we have an incoming class that is better aligned with our capacity. Careful enrolment management ensures that we can continue to provide high-quality support and services, including residence spaces.  

As part of our plans to continue to accommodate students interested in living in residence, we have applied to the City of Guelph to lease the building at 785 Gordon Street for the next three years. This will allow us some flexibility in terms of creating an immediate increase in our residence capacity over the next several years. 

The University is also taking steps to find longer, more sustainable solutions to help ensure our entire student population secures safe and affordable housing. 

We are taking a forward-thinking approach to our overall Student Housing Strategy and are undertaking a demand study to assess the available student housing supply on our campus and within the community, including future student housing builds. We are also consulting with our diverse student demographic to understand emerging housing needs.   

A report with recommendations will be available before the end of year to help us make informed decisions around how to improve the current housing situation for our students. 

Sharmila Rasheed
Vice-President (Finance and Operations)

Gwen Chapman
Provost and Vice-President (Academic)