Dr. Simon Somogyi

Ontario Agricultural College food economist Dr. Mike von Massow and Dr. Simon Somogyi, agribusiness researcher at the Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics, spoke to The Canadian Press about the latest CPI numbers. 

The March inflation report found food prices continue to rise faster than general inflation. Somogyi offered some reasons for the continued increases, while von Massow predicted some prices will level out or fall by the summer. 

Dr. Mike von Massow poses for a headshot in front of a shelf of potato chips and goldfish at a grocery store.
Dr. Mike von Massow

The article appeared in several publications across the country, including the Toronto Star and the Edmonton Sun

Von Massow is a professor in the Department of Food, Agriculture and Resource Economics who researches retail and restaurant food demand and supply chain management and performance. 

Somogyi is the Arrell Chair in the Business of Food and a professor in the School of Hospitality, Food and Tourism Management who researches agri-food value chain analysis and management.