Dr. Shayan Sharif poses for a photo in front of a window
Dr. Shayan Sharif

Dr. Shayan Sharif, an avian immunologist with the Ontario Veterinary College, spoke to the Toronto Star about the risks avian flu poses to backyard chickens. 

He said while the risk to humans from avian flu remains low, he recommended hen-keepers reduce their birds’ exposure to waterfowl and songbirds by keeping their poultry inside their coops as much as possible. 

Sharif also discussed the possible end to the Toronto backyard chicken program with CBC Toronto.

Several news outlets have consulted Sharif in recent weeks for his expertise on avian influenza amid continued surges of the disease.   

Sharif is the associate dean of research and graduate studies at the OVC and a professor in the Department of Pathobiology, where he researches poultry immunology.