To help address demand and contribute to student success, U of G is developing a Student Housing Strategy that considers current and future needs. 

Work on the Student Housing Strategy has begun and will continue over the next several years. 

Fall 2022 and ongoing 

  • Explore opportunities to maximize existing housing capacity on campus.  
  • Further build community connections to increase student housing capacity within the community. 

Winter 2023

  • Complete a demand study to better understand the need for housing and factors affecting current and future supply.  
  • Align Student Housing Services under Ancillary Services to better leverage resources.  
  • Maintain Student Affairs’ oversight of Residence Life staff and programming to continue providing high-quality programs and services. 

2024 and ongoing 

  • Implement study findings to meet demand through renovation and development of student housing facilities. 

Learn more about the University of Guelph Student Housing Strategy online.