House Calls is a program organized by Student Housing Services to check in with U of G residence students. Volunteers pair up with a Residence Life Staff member and go door-to-door in residence to talk with students about how they are adjusting to University life and provide any needed supports and referrals.

Faculty and staff volunteers are needed for the fall 2022 edition of House Calls, which runs Nov. 14 to 16. Register today!

What to expect as a House Calls volunteer

Volunteer House Callers attend a training session to better understand the program and learn how to successfully support the students they reach.

Volunteers receive a list of guiding questions to ask each student, along with answers to questions they are most likely to receive and forms to track student connections. Should the conversation turn to something that requires follow-up, volunteers can share that information with the Student Housing Services team. Staff will connect with those students before the end of the week. 

House Calls run from 5:30 to 8 p.m. Volunteers can to sign-up for one or more nights.

How to get involved

Use the online registration form to volunteer as a House Caller. Volunteer registration is open until 4 p.m. on Nov. 1.

Why House Calls matters

The Student Housing Services team has received national recognition for its House Calls program and students have shown their gratitude for the sense of community the program builds. This innovative approach is one of the many ways U of G demonstrates its commitment to student well-being.

“We’re asking all faculty and staff to consider sharing a bit of their time, to show students that we care about their well-being and their success at U of G,” says Pat Kelly, acting director, Student Housing Services.

Similar programming is run for first-year students living off-campus. Through Gryphons Nest, upper-year students connect with first-years to check on how they are transitioning to University life and offer supports.

This experience can be impactful and rewarding for volunteers as well, providing an opportunity to get to know our students outside of the classroom or work environment.

For more information, contact Pat Kelly at