Postdoctoral fellow Dr. Susan Dupej.
Post-doc Dr. Susan Dupej

Dr. Susan Dupej recently discussed the benefits of cannabis tourism for the Canadian economy with national media outlets. 

Dupej’s The Conversation Canada commentary on the topic, specifically how tourism is the missing link in Canada’s cannabis industry, was featured in Yahoo!Life.  

Speaking with The Growth Op and the Calgary Herald, Dupej said Canada’s cannabis tourism industry could learn from examples of its American counterpart, especially when it comes to lounges, visiting farms and consuming products on site.  

In the Calgary Herald article, which appeared in several publications, Dupej said cannabis legislation needs to move quickly so the industry has a chance to embrace tourism.  

A Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council-funded postdoctoral fellow in the School of Hospitality, Food and Tourism Management, Dupej’s research background is in tourism, rural economic development, agritourism and tourism imagery.