Dr. Simon Somogyi against a crimson background
Dr. Simon Somogyi

Agribusiness researcher Dr. Simon Somogyi spoke to several media outlets recently about food price inflation and the effects of the border blockades on Canada’s food supply. 

In a Canadian Press article published by CTVNews, Somogyi discussed the factors behind the news that Canada’s food inflation rate has risen 6.5 percent, the highest in more than a decade.  

Somogyi explained that “it’s layer upon layer of issues that are compounding to create these skyrocketing prices.” Those layers are increasing prices throughout sectors of the supply chain, labour shortages, supply chain disruptions and the winter weather. 

Speaking with Global News about Canada’s dependency on the Ambassador Bridge, a major border crossing into Detroit, Mich., from Windsor, Ont., Somogyi recounted just how important the bridge is for trade between Canada and the U.S., before noting disruptions at the bridge have major impacts on the quality of fresh foods. 

He also said these disruptions show a greater need for government enforcement at border crossings to maintain the flow of goods and suggested investigating other ways to exchange goods across the border. 

The Arrell Chair in the Business of Food, and a professor in the School of Hospitality, Food and Tourism Management, Somogyi researches agri-food value chain analysis and management and international market development.