Prof. Alejandro Marangoni
Prof. Alejandro Marangoni

Two U of G experts spoke with the Toronto Star for an update on the so-called “buttergate” scandal.

Dr. Alejandro Marangoni, a professor in the Department of Food Science, discussed the experiments he conducted in this lab last month in which he measured the firmness and levels of palmitic acids in 17 brands of butter.

He found mixed results and is now testing 30 more butter brands from different provinces.

Dr. Mike von Massow

Department of Department of Food, Agriculture and Resources professor Dr. Mike Von Massow discussed two panel discussions he hosted in collaboration with Dairy at Guelph to help clarify what we know and still need to know about the recent controversy.

Von Massow, who studies food labelling and public perceptions of the food industry, said consumers have an aversion to palm oil but a poor understanding of how food is produced.