The following updates are provided by the Return-to-Campuses steering committee.

Stay-at-Home order remains in effect

The province-wide Stay-at-Home order remains in effect across Ontario. If you do not need to come to campus, please stay home to help keep our community safe. All those who can work from home are required to do so. If you must come to a U of G facility to complete your job duties, speak to your manager or supervisor.U of G logo

Research during the Stay-at-Home order

During the current Stay-at-Home Order issued by the Ontario government, research continues to be deemed essential. Below are some reminders about guidelines and resources that support research while keeping our community safe:

  • Research should be conducted remotely when it can be done safely and effectively, without the physical use of U of G-operated facilities (including offices and field sites). If you have concerns about your safety and well-being while working in University of Guelph facilities, you are encouraged to review your work situation and any requirements to be on-site with your supervisor, manager, graduate program coordinator, chair or director, as appropriate.
  • With few exceptions, University of Guelph research activities require an approved Research Management Plan (RMP).
  • The Guidelines for Human Participant Face-to-Face Research outline permitted activities for each colour-coded level of Ontario’s public health measures, as well as out-of-province research. The guidelines are to be used with the University of Guelph’s Frameworks for Phasing-In Human Participant Face-to-Face Research at University of Guelph (On CampusOff Campus) and approved, pre-existing RMPs.

For more detailed information about these policies and guidelines, please see Research during COVID-19.

University-sanctioned travel this summer

The summer months are usually a popular time for University-sanctioned travel at U of G. However, with the current Stay-at-Home order and the Government of Canada’s restrictions on non-essential international travel, plans for the months ahead will be affected.

Research travel

The University recognizes that some research-related travel may be essential to realize research outcomes. The University of Guelph has developed an approval process to allow some critical, time-sensitive, research-related travel. Learn more about domestic and international travel for research on the Office of Research’s COVID-19 website.


The University continues to suspend all international travel for students participating in exchange programs, conferences, sporting events, co-op placements, field work, etc. Currently, the University’s student travel insurer is issuing no international travel insurance. Student travel outside of Canada for University-related activities will continue to be suspended until Government of Canada travel restrictions are lifted and our insurer resumes issuing international travel coverage for students.

The University’s COVID-19 website is your best source of information on U of G’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Return to Campuses website provides essential information for those coming to campus. If you need to be on campus, make sure you complete the U of G COVID-19 Screening Form every day before you arrive.