headshot of Prof. Amy Greer
Prof. Amy Greer

Prof. Amy Greer, Department of Population Medicine, spoke to the Winnipeg Free Press about COVID-19 transmission in schools in an article that was reprinted in the Toronto Star.

Public health officials insist COVID-19 transmission in schools is limited, but Greer, who researches the spread and dynamics of infectious diseases, said she isn’t sure that’s true.

“We haven’t really looked,” she said.

“If many, many children are asymptomatic, you’re not going to know… You can’t see that you have an issue if many of those children are asymptomatic, unless you do more targeted surveillance and testing to see what’s actually happening in those classes that have had an exposure.”

Greer holds the Canada Research Chair in population disease modelling and is part of a research team modelling COVID-19 spread to advise federal public health authorities.