Global Animal Nutrition SummitThe first-ever Global Animal Nutrition Summit hosted by University of Guelph is aimed at bringing together leading animal nutrition experts to examine our food system when it comes to both humans and animals.

Originally scheduled as an on-campus international event, it has moved online and will run Aug. 11 to 14.

“Our goal was to bring together many experts across the nutrition industry, including academics, industry, and government,” said summit co-chair Prof. Kate Shoveller, Department of Animal Biosciences, who organized the event with summit chair Prof. Adronie Verbrugghe, Department of Clinical Studies, and summit co-chair Prof. Sarah Abood, Department of Clinical Studies.

“We have seen, especially under COVID, the stress on our food chain and it’s important for all of these sectors to start working together so we can figure out how to feed the global population of not just humans but the animals that we consider companions.”

The conference will bring together several top international animal nutrition organizations with the aim of spurring collaboration, networking and a better understanding of the tension points across the food chain.

“This conference is important as the objective is to make bridges in the animal nutrition world,” said Verbrugghe. “This summit increases the visibility of global animal nutrition work by disseminating research findings to the international community, while also offering opportunities for networking and collaboration between animal, comparative and veterinary nutritionists in academia, industry, government, and the veterinary practice.”

The conference begins Aug. 11 with a day dedicated to graduate students in the field. They will have access to information on work-life balance, managing mental stress, and maximizing their potential in a demanding environment. A symposia will be held from Aug. 12 to 14 with access to primary research in the form of mini reviews and posters, in addition to a number of keynote speakers.

Keynote speakers include:

  • U of G Prof. Evan Fraser, a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair and Director of the Arrell Food Institute, who will speak on “The future of protein: pandemics, the digital revolution, and beyond”
  • Mary Beth Hall with the United States Department of Agriculture who will speak on “Uses, abuses, artifacts, and just wrong: working properly with feed analyses”
  • U of G Prof. Ben Boher in the Department of Food Science who will speak on “A global outlook on protein food consumption”
  • University of Toronto Prof. Tom Wolever with Glycemic Index Laboratories who will speak on “Glycemic load, glycemic response, the relevance for obesity and co-morbidities”
  • Laval University Prof. Angelo Tremblay will speak on “Tackling obesity: a sustainable future”

The final day features an innovative Fuelling Wellness Symposium. There is a continuing education component for veterinarians, veterinarian professionals, and equine specialists, with public access to evidence-based nutrition knowledge for cat, dog, and equine enthusiasts looking for tools to keep their animals healthy.

“I hope this conference will make animal nutrition scientists and professionals, graduate students, veterinary teams, and other pet and horse enthusiasts even more passionate about nutrition,” said Verbrugghe.
“Good nutrition is of the utmost importance to improve life and create healthier futures for animals, people, and the environment.”

Conference participants register at the summit website and will then be given access to the portal that will host all the scheduled events online.

For more information, contact:

The Global Animal Nutrition Summit communications