National Post Consults U of G Prof on Vaccine Trust


Prof. Maya Goldenberg

Prof. Maya Goldenberg, Department of Philosophy, spoke to the National Post about what it will take to get the public to accept any fast-tracked vaccine against COVID-19.

The article notes that most vaccines take 10 years of testing before they reach the public; any vaccine against COVID-19 is likely to take only a fraction of that time. Will that leave Canadians nervous to receive it? That will depend on how much we trust our scientific bodies and political leaders who promote it, Goldenberg said.

“We’ll trust a vaccine to the extent that we trust the system that brought us the vaccine,” she said.

She added that one step that could help build trust is for health leaders to begin discussing vaccines publicly now, before Canadians are required to decide.

Goldenberg studies the philosophy of science and medicine, including why some people refuse vaccines or become wary of science.

She recently created a video in which she discussed what she’s learned about trust in vaccines and science.