Professor in a grocery aisle
Prof. Mike von Massow

Despite all that Canada’s meat supply chain has faced in recent weeks, says University of Guelph food economist Prof. Mike von Massow to national media, so far the system has held up.

He was featured in a CBC News article  that also discussed the Canadian meat supply.

In the last several weeks, this supply chain has been tested, with COVID-19 afflicting workers and spurring processors to slow or temporarily halt production.

“I would argue the meat supply chain — and, in fact, our food system generally — has been robust and resilient, and bent, but didn’t break, in the face of an unprecedented shock based on demand,” he said in the article.

Von Massow is a professor in U of G’s Department of Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics. An expert on the economics of the food system, he is available to talk to media about the impact of the pandemic on the food supply system.