New Staff Performance Framework Helps Support Your Success


With a new performance cycle upon us, Human Resources is pleased to announce the launch of the University’s new performance success framework, GOAL 2.0. – Performance Success Through Quality Conversations.GOAL 2.0 image with wording Connect, Adapt, Align. Two people in silhouette with a shared speech bubble.

As you start planning professional goals for 2018-19, GOAL 2.0 will help employees and managers build understanding, support innovation and change, and open possibilities.

What is GOAL 2.0?

GOAL 2.0 helps ensure consistent and effective leadership and management practices for performance success. It encourages frequent and effective conversations between managers and employees.

The new program is a simpler, more impactful, evidence-based framework that replaces the previous Generating Ongoing Achievement and Learning (G.O.A.L.) system. It supports employees and managers in connecting, adapting and aligning for common goals and understanding.

To learn more about GOAL 2.0, visit The website outlines expectations for managers and employees. It provides tools and resources to help you use GOAL 2.0 to support performance success.

You can learn how to have quality conversations on:

  • Objective-setting
  • Check-ins
  • Learning and development
  • Feedback and feedforward
  • Appreciation and recognition
  • Performance summaries
  • Compensation

Need help?

By the end of June, GOAL 2.0 Ambassadors from a number of colleges and the larger departments across campus will be available for support and guidance on GOAL 2.0.  A list of Ambassadors will be available on the website by the end of June.  HR Consultants and HR Learning & Development will also be available for ongoing support.