Homecoming is a time of celebration and enjoyment on the University of Guelph campus and in the Guelph community. Unfortunately, this past weekend there were some situations where U of G students and others behaved inappropriately, with significant negative impact on members of our community.

I would like to personally, and on behalf of the University, apologize to any members of the Guelph community who were affected negatively.

The University takes unruly student behaviour seriously, and we will follow up on complaints and concerns. We will also continue our ongoing efforts to ensure a positive impact on our community, as we partner with the City of Guelph, Guelph Police and Guelph Fire Services on initiatives such as Project Safe Semester.

The majority of our students acted in a mature and respectful manner during Homecoming, and I would like to thank them. Let me also express my thanks and appreciation to those who took part in neighbourhood cleanup efforts. These efforts speak to our Gryphon values and the important connection with our great city.

The University and our students make important contributions to the city of Guelph, and we are proud of that history and reputation. It is disappointing and unfortunate when the behaviour of a minority of people affects that relationship.