Prof. Michael von Massow

The University of Guelph’s state-of-the-art grocery store lab is featured today in the Globe and Mail.

The story looks at how the research project led by Prof. Michael von Massow, Department of Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics, can help retailers adapt to ever-changing needs of diverse consumers.

U of G’s “grocery store,” formally called the The Longo’s Food Retail Lab, uses a range of technology, including eye-tracking glasses and a host of cameras, to examine how shoppers make choices in the supermarket. Both the Longo’s lab and the Schneider’s Research Lab opened May 3. Both are designed to help researchers better understand consumer decision-making, consumption habits and reactions to food advertising.

The research project and von Massow were also featured this month by Radio-Canada International and CTV News. Von Massow studies food value chains, food pricing and revenue management.