The 2016 recipient of the Excellence in Undergraduate Academic Advising Medallion is Anita Beaudette. She has served as undergraduate academic adviser in International Development Studies (IDS) since 1999 and holds a master’s degree in political science and IDS from U of G.

“I’ve always really enjoyed working with individual students, listening to them and then helping them to find the information they need to problem-solve and consider various options as they work their way through the university system,” says Beaudette. “It’s been a privilege to work with ID students.”

The award recognizes faculty advisers, program counsellors and academic advising staff who contribute to providing high-quality academic advising.

In her nomination letter, IDS director Sally Humphries referred to Beaudette as “an extraordinarily dedicated adviser, known by students in the IDS program as the central pivot, or ‘glue,’ who holds the highly interdisciplinary IDS program together.”

The Excellence in Undergraduate Academic Advising Medallion is awarded annually to an individual or advising team nominated by a member of the University community as having made an outstanding contribution to academic advising at the undergraduate level.

The medallion will be presented to Beaudette at the June convocation ceremony.