New Book Reviews Foods with Psychoactive Properties


Things we ingest to alter our minds – purposely or not – are the topic of a new book by food science professor Massimo Marcone.

The Psychopharmacology of Legal Psychoactive Foods is published under the custom publication program of Nelson Education Ltd. Marcone uses the text in “Principles of Food Science,” a second-year course taken by students in various sciences and arts programs.

His book discusses psychoactive substances that change mood and consciousness. It covers numerous topics, including coca and cocaine, absinthe, chili peppers, chocolate, ginseng, nutmeg, opiates, rye grasses containing ergot fungus, seafood poisoning and dream-inducing properties of cheese.

Following the legalization of the recreational use of marijuana in Colorado and Washington states, says Marcone, “I see us all re-examining what we eat and why we eat it. Foods are not only for nutrition but they are and will be considered even more so our source of certain medicinal drugs.”