The University of Guelph was recognized by Desire2Learn Inc. for its innovative use of ePortfolios, which offer online digital storage for assignments, images and feedback. The University hosted eP Week from March 7 to 11 to highlight the variety of ways that ePortfolios can enhance learning. The event brought together faculty, staff and members of the public.

In recognition of eP Week’s impact on teaching and learning, the e-learning company presented its Desire2Excel Impact Award to Kyle Mackie, Richard Gorrie, Jason Thompson and Janet Wolstenholme of U of G’s Teaching Support Services.

“A growing number of faculty are incorporating ePortfolio assignments in their courses,” said Mackie. “Some programs are embedding the use of the ePortfolio in the design of the curriculum.”

The award was presented at FUSION 2011, the Desire2Learn users’ conference held from July 11 to 15 in Denver.