Sky Gilbert Play Opens in Toronto


What if Sky Gilbert wrote The Drawer Boy? That’s the question asked in publicity releases about U of G drama professor Sky Gilbert’s new play, Reconciliation, which opens April 15 at the Buddies in Bad Times Theatre in Toronto. And the play itself is the answer.

“It’s about the country versus city dichotomy and the conflicts between two brothers, played by Wes Berger and Jason Cadieux,” says Gilbert, who both writes and directs Reconciliation. “There are elements of class conflicts as well. The brothers fight, but in the end, they do work it out: as you might guess by the name.”

Toronto Xtra reviewer David Bateman says the play will showcase Gilbert’s “trademarked physically and emotionally charged style.”

Gilbert adds that this production will be of particular interest to the Guelph community because it includes two U of G graduates, Franny McCabe-Bennett and Alexandra Stefanoff, as assistant stage managers. The play runs for two weeks; call 416-975-8555 for tickets.