This text and image-only video shows what makes the dining experience at the University of Guelph so great.

[Upbeat music plays]

[Still photo of University of Guelph Executive Chef Vijay Nair holding a bin of green bins in a field. Text reads: Dining at Guelph. Hospitality Services]

[Still photo of U of G students walking across campus. Text reads: Follow us for daily menus @HospitalityUofG.]

[A photo of a chef presenting a plated sandwich. Text reads: Voted as serving the best food of any Canadian university campus.]

[Photo of two U of G bakers rolling out cookie dough. Text reads: Creelman Bake Shop. Experience our homemade difference.]

[Photo of Creelman Hall exterior. Text reads: 17 dining facilities across campus. This is Creelman Hall, a foodies’ hotspot.]

[Photo of crepes on a griddle. Text reads: Residence dining is available 7 days a week. Late-night dessert crepe anyone?]

[Closeup of a burger. Text reads: We offer a wide variety of meal choices. Everything from locally sourced burgers…]

[Closeup of a bowl of black beans, rice, corn and salsa. Text reads: …to daily pop-up features like this. A vegetarian Buddha bowl.]

[Closeup of a pizza. Text reads: Grab a custom oven-fired pizza before your lecture.]

[Closeup of an apple Beavertail. Text reads: …Or an apple pie Beavertail on a study break with friends. We’ve got weekly food trucks on campus.]

[Closeup of a falafel plate with salad and pickled onions. Text reads: From kosher to Halal, lactose-free to peanut-free, gluten-free to vegan, we have got you covered.]

[Photo of two chefs at a large round griddle. Text reads: WE specialize in international flavours with local ingredients. Have you ever tried Mongolian barbecue? Now you can.]

[Closeup of Chinese food, with spring roll, broccoli, bean sprouts and more. Text reads: Try something new or stick wit ha homemade classic!]

[Photo of okra in a bowl. Text reads: We’re proud to source locally grown produce and protein.]

[Photo of a farm greenhouse. Text reads: We grow some ingredients at our organic farm on campus.]

[Photo of jars of summer blossom honey. Text reads: We even use our own U of G campus honey.]

[Photo of stacked white dishes. Text reads: We don’t just serve delicious food. We are leaders in sustainability.]

[Closeup of a salad on a ceramic place with steel cutlery. Text reads: We offer reusable plates and cutlery to dine in…]

[Photo of a burger and salad in a hard plastic container. Text reads: Or opt into our #IAmReusable program and use reusable green containers.]

[Photo of a woman standing at the U of G University Centre recycling and compost centre. Text reads: We’re committed to local purchasing, environmentally friendly practices and global social responsibility.]

[Photo of a reusable coffee cup. Text reads: We’re proud to be Ontario’s first Fair Trade campus.]

[Photo of a pizza about to enter an oven. Text reads: Follow us! @HospitalityUofG.]