Prof Interviewed by Motherboard on Using Space Technology to Grow Plants

Prof. Mike Dixon, School of Environmental Science, was interviewed by Motherboard June 21. He spoke about his research into developing plants that could produce vegetables and feed astronauts on Mars. Dixon also discussed how the technology can be adapted for northern climates, where importing produce can be extremely expensive. Dixon studies space exploration and plant-environment interaction.

Local Squirrel Study Featured by CBC, CTV

A new study looking at using community-generated information on local squirrels was featured on CBC News June 20 and by CTV News June 17. Prof. Amy Newman, Integrative Biology, and graduate student Mason Stothart, lead researcher of the study, discussed the plan to study the squirrels and work with the community to monitor their movements. …

Multi-Generational Living Arrangements Discussed by FRAN Prof

Prof. Andrea Breen, Family Relations and Applied Nutrition, was interviewed for a column that appeared on and other publications May 24. The column by Marc and Craig Kielburger looked at the benefits of multi-generational families living together. Breen, who studies identity development, adolescence and early adulthood, discussed the benefits and challenges of this trend.