You Have Free Access to’s Video-Based Training Library

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Choose from thousands of video-based modules covering the most popular business and creative applications on the market, as well as topics including software development, website design, animation, soft-skill training, audio and music, and photography. Follow specific learning paths to build skills, achieve personal goals and supplement your education and course learning.

Through a three-year pilot program sponsored by the Ontario government, students, faculty and staff at U of G, and all other Ontario post-secondary institutions, have free access to all training modules offered through

Who can access this free training?
All U of G faculty, staff and students with a valid central login ID can now access this valuable resource.

How do I get started?
To create your free account and start learning anywhere, visit All you’ll need is your central login ID (i.e., the username and password you use to sign into GryphMail).
Have questions?

Visit to learn more.