Prof Talks Politics With Maclean’s


Prof. Tamara Small discussed potential outcomes for the 2018 Ontario general election with Maclean’s on Dec. 14.

The article, “Can Patrick Brown avenge Tim Hudak and John Tory’s electoral disasters?”, featured political pundits weighing in on whether Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown might defeat Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals.

Co-author of the 2011 book If You Don’t Like Kathleen Wynne, What Do You Do?, Small told Maclean’s that she didn’t believe anyone was “wildly in love” with any of the three candidates. She also said that because the Tories have been so cautious about showcasing Brown, it might give the Liberals an easier time defining him in their campaign.

A professor in U of G’s Department of Political Science, Small studies the use and impact of digital technologies in Canadian politics.