Guelph Black Professionals Supporting Black Students at U of G

[Aerial shot of the University of Guelph campus. Bankole Alade, founder of the Guelph Black Professionals speaking]

JC was the first club that I joined at Guelph.  The first step of actually joining a student club was that I never thought that I would that I  would do ever.

[Alade walking with colleague Mikyas Tessema through the U of G campus]

It helped me grow a lot as a person and being a club, you realize how important these things really are to maximizing your success at the university. But one of the  things that I began to realize is that no Black students would ever attend these events.

[Visuals of a videoconference with different Black students coming screen speaking]
…It’s going to be an exciting journey. This  is the first time we’re doing it obviously.
…If I could increase my visuals…
…To focus on the report writing aspect…

[Tessema speaking to camera]

I wanted to be a part of an organization that endorsed the networking between Black students and young professionals and as soon as I saw Banky’s  post, I thought this was the best place for me to have that team feeling at U of G.

[Alade speaking to camera]

There was such a big divide and  that Black students were missing out and we felt that we could easily take  down these barriers that they see and hopefully, get them to capitalize on these  amazing opportunities that the university has.

[Alade and Tessema sit at a table chatting. Tessema speaking]

The Guelph Black Professionals has  shown me how to be a better leader. You’re only as strong as your weakest  link. So as long as everyone is involved and actively participating, the whole team will be successful.