Dear U of G students, faculty and staff,

Yesterday we issued a Notice of Trespass to the unauthorized encampment in Branion Plaza.

We understand members of the encampment have since indicated they will voluntarily disband and peacefully vacate the property by Monday, July 15. The University has decided to pause on pursuing litigation and an injunction provided the encampment has disbanded and vacated by 9 a.m. on Monday, July 15, without incident.

We are extending this deadline as a gesture of good faith that the encampment will disband, not return, and all activities this week and beyond will be lawful and in accordance with University policies. If these conditions are not met or disruptions to University operations continue, the University will proceed with legal action.

I want to thank our community for their patience and understanding during this difficult time and I am grateful to everyone who supported our efforts towards a peaceful resolution.

Kind regards,

Dr. Charlotte A.B. Yates
President and Vice-Chancellor

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