Dear U of G students, faculty and staff,  

On Saturday afternoon, the University made a final attempt to have members of the encampment on our campus dismantle and vacate voluntarily. In our letter to encampment members, we were clear that the encampment cannot remain on campus indefinitely and requested they leave by 8 p.m. on Sunday. The U of G campus is a space for our entire community, and we have a commitment to maintain an environment where everyone can take part in life on campus without discrimination, harassment or intimidation.  

Unfortunately, encampment members have neither dismantled nor vacated. As such, this morning we took the step of serving a legal Notice of Trespass to members of the encampment.   

Members of the University community are free to exercise their rights to freedom of expression through peaceful protest, but that does not extend to the indefinite occupation of University property. U of G campus is private property and the unauthorized occupation of Branion Plaza by the encampment is illegal. Per the Notice of Trespass, if the encampment does not disband and vacate Branion Plaza immediately, the University will seek an injunction order from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. Should the University move to this step and an injunction be granted, encampment members and others would still be free to exercise their rights to freedom of expression through peaceful protest without erecting tents and other structures or occupying University property overnight. 

Moving through this process was not our first choice. This development comes despite having provided substantial proposals in response to the requests of encampment representatives. The encampment’s unwillingness to consider anything short of immediate and full divestment dismisses the considerable actions the University is taking in support of fostering a more inclusive and welcoming campus community.  As encampment members know, their requests concerning divestment are currently before an ad-hoc committee of the Board of Governors—a process activated by UoG for Palestine in March in accordance with the Special Action Policy.  

This has been a delicate and difficult situation for all our community members and I know there will be many conflicting viewpoints on how to move forward. We are committed to acting in the best interests of our entire campus community and ensuring U of G remains to be a welcoming space for all. 


Dr. Charlotte A. B. Yates  
President and Vice-Chancellor  

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