The University of Guelph is launching a Human Resources Management System (HRMS) called Gryphons at Work. Aligned to our strategic plan, this system will support our faculty and staff and advance our digital footprint.

What is Gryphons at Work?

Gryphons at Work is a cloud-based HR solution designed to enhance the overall employee experience through automated workflows, streamlined HR processes and self-managed employee information changes. Employees will be able to access the system from anywhere via the internet using their University of Guelph multi-authenticated sign on credentials.

The current HR system was acquired more than 30 years ago and is obsolete. Replacing our aging and limited system with a modern and user-friendly solution will have a broad impact across campus, from all Staff and Faculty to key roles; such as Department and College Administrators.

How will Gryphons at Work help employees at the University of Guelph?

  • Once you log into Gryphons at Work, you will be able to make updates directly to the following information:
  • Update your personal information (address, banking information, phone number)
  • Add dependents and emergency contact information
  • Update benefits coverage
  • Check pay statements
  • Initiate long term leaves (e.g. parental leaves)
  • Search and apply for new career opportunities

When is Go-Live?

Our Go-Live date is July 15, 2024.

What are some other important dates I should be aware of?

  • June 26 at 10 p.m. – Data Freeze in HRER System – field users cannot make changes to data in the system. Any exceptions will have to be submitted to HR directly via Data Forms.
  • July 15 – Go Live with Read Only access for the U of G community. You will be able to view the system, see your data and validate any discrepancies.
  • July 29 – Full access will be live for all employees.

Do I get training?

We have chosen a training methodology that is specific to this type of technology launch, and the size of our community. The training journey for every employee at the University of Guelph begins with self-guided study, which is now available on the Gryphons at Work Knowledge site.

Depending on your role, the next step is to register for online demonstrations, classroom training, or after-hours sessions. Both on and offline training will be delivered by our training team. This hybrid model was chosen because it makes sense for the University of Guelph and provides flexibility for employees to commence training during times that work in their individual schedules.

If you have questions or concerns, we encourage you to speak with your leader or contact your Change Champion Network (CCN) member representative. A complete list of CCN members is available on the Gryphons at Work Knowledge site. We encourage your feedback to let us know what is working well, and where we could do things better.

Where can I go for help?

We are committed to making the HRMS implementation as smooth as possible. The current support process for HR issues won’t change (reach out to your Department Admin or Manager as first point of contact).

We are excited and looking forward to a successful Gryphons at Work implementation including the benefits that it will bring to you and our organization. And hope that you do too. Thank you once again for your hard work and determination to achieve that goal.

Rob Devries
Associate Vice-President and Chief Information Officer

Elaine Do Rosario
Associate Vice-President and Chief Human Resources Officer