One of the perks of working at U of G is access to some of the best campus food in Canada. Now with the help of a new U of G cookbook authored by the culinary team at U of G’s Hospitality Services, Flavours of Guelph: Cooking in Season, you can make your favourite U of G dishes in your own home.

Close-up of a goat cheese polenta, triangular shaped bread with with mushroom cream sauce drizzled over, topped with green garnish
Goat cheese polenta with mushroom cream sauce, as featured in Cooking in Season

Authored by U of G’s award-winning chefs who have recently taken home top prizes at international culinary competitions, the cookbook showcases U of G’s approach to enjoying fresh, innovative food.

Executive chef Vijay Nair, who oversees 20 food locations across campus and four core residence dining halls, writes in the introduction:

“We champion food with a conscience, making seasonally indulgent menus that align with Canada’s Food Guide. Our made-from-scratch dishes tell stories – of respecting our land, oceans, farms, and international flavours.”

Using this cookbook, you’ll be able to recreate classic recipes such as Creelman Bake Shop’s banana bread, gingered butternut squash soup, herb-roasted chicken with honey and mustard, homemade pickles and more!

Close-up of three pieces of cooked roasted chicken inside rectangular dish, beside are cooked vegetables, peppers, onions, all garnished in pepper
Herb-roasted chicken with honey and mustard (Cooking in Season)

True to U of G’s values of sustainability, the book divides recipes by season, encouraging home chefs to take advantage of seasonal and locally sourced ingredients while learning the stories behind the dishes.

The cookbook is now available to purchase at the U of G bookstore (in softcover and hardcover versions). A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the cookbook will be donated to the Guelph Student Food Bank, which supports students’ access to nutritious food.

Learn more about how U of G’s Hospitality team collaborates with local farmers and builds a sustainable food culture.