Computing and Communications Services (CCS) continues to investigate and resolve an incident that is impacting University systems.
Since the incident was first identified, CCS has restored service to many affected systems. Work continues diligently to restore full functionality to IT systems. We appreciate your patience with these service interruptions and are grateful for the community’s support in updating their central login credentials this past week.
These system interruptions are a useful reminder of the importance of using strong unique passwords, keeping your systems updated, and staying alert to phishing attempts. You can learn more about best practices to keep yourself and the University secure at the Information Security website and at 
Thank you for your continued patience as CCS works through these system interruptions. The CCS Help Desk is available to provide assistance as needed.  
Updates will be provided as they become available through email and on the U of G intranet. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by these interruptions.