The most recent U of G Senate meeting was held on April 5. Below are key highlights from the meeting. A full synopsis of the meeting is available on the University Secretariat’s website.University of Guelph mace

Leadership Updates

President Charlotte Yates, Vice-President (Research) Malcolm Campbell and Provost and Vice-President (Academic) Gwen Chapman, provided Senators with a number of updates including:

Senators also received updates on:

  • The University’s budget plan for 2021-22 and 2022-23. The Provost’s budget presentation can be found on the University Secretariat’s Governance Portal.
  • Indigenous Initiatives Strategy and the summary report Bi-Naagwad: It Comes into View from Dr. Cara Wehkamp, Special Advisor to the President on Indigenous Initiatives.

Collaborative Specialization in Regenerative Medicine

On the recommendation of the Board of Graduate Studies, Senate approved a proposal from the Ontario Veterinary College for a new collaborative specialization in Regenerative Medicine (RM) to formally recognize and enhance the learning experiences of new and existing graduate students at the University of Guelph who wish to or currently conduct research in this growing field.

The collaborative specialization will provide students with a broader, more comprehensive training program in RM than they could receive by studying in their base program alone. Multidisciplinary training of these students will provide the regenerative medicine industry with highly qualified personnel to fill current job requirements. As well, the proposed program will help sustain and build U of G’s expertise in the field of regenerative medicine through improved local and national collaboration and recruitment.

The next meeting of Senate will take place on Monday, June 7, 2021.