Jan. 20 Board of Governors Meeting: Capital Plan Approved

Snow on Johnston Green portico

Johnston Green and the Portico in winter

The most recent U of G Board of Governors meeting was held Jan. 20. Below are key highlights from the meeting. A full synopsis of the meeting is available on the University Secretariat’s website.

Capital Plan

The University has over 7 million square feet of space spread across almost 150 buildings. With an average building age of approximately 50 years, significant ongoing reinvestment is required to keep these facilities in a good state of repair.

The annual capital plan is used to set priorities for facility renewal, major renovations and significant construction projects. On Jan. 20, the Board approved the expenditure of $19 million for a variety of capital renewal projects ranging from service tunnel repairs to roofing and building envelope renewal in the Bovey complex.

In addition, the Board approved the construction of a new entrance to the McLaughlin Library and renovations to the Massey Hall courtyard.

Updates from Senior Leadership

President Charlotte Yates and members of University leadership provided the Board with updates on a number of key initiatives including: