Human Resources Professor Discusses Worker Safety Amid COVID-19 With CBC


Prof. Nita Chhinzer

Human resources professor Dr. Nita Chhinzer of U of G’s Department of Management spoke to several CBC Radio stations about who should be responsible for health and safety in the workplace during COVID-19.

Here is her interview with CBC’s Ottawa Morning.

This comes as the RCMP begins a criminal investigation into a meat processing facility in Alberta where more than 900 workers became infected with the virus.

Chhinzer said that those who continue to go into work will always face a risk of infection but it’s up to employers to minimize that risk. Workers are protected by the Canadian Occupational Health and Safety Act which requires employers to take as many precautions as possible to keep workers healthy.

She said workers need to help set policy on health and safety and to feel safe to speak out if rules are being violated.

Chhinzer is a professor of human resources who studies downsizing practices and aspects of employment ethics.