Prof. Tami Martino

Prof. Tami Martino, Department of Biomedical Sciences, will present at a New York Academy of Sciences international virtual conference on Monday, Nov. 2 called Frontiers in Circadian Medicine.

Martino, the founding director of U of G’s Centre for Cardiovascular Investigations, will appear alongside world leaders in the circadian medicine field, including Michael Young, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2017 for his team’s contribution to the understanding of the cellular circadian clock.

The one-day virtual symposium will be held as a webinar and will highlight the translational aspects of chronobiology – the body’s 24-hour sleep and wake cycle. Martino will present some of her recent research on the application of circadian medicine on clinical cardiology.

Her research has helped reveal how our molecular circadian clock regulates cardiovascular disease – the leading cause of death worldwide – and how these interactions could translate into clinical therapies for heart disease.

Recently, she has been researching the development of drugs that target the cellular biological clock and block adverse immune responses after a heart attack.

Other recent research with U of G colleague Prof. Emma Allen-Vercoe of the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology has found that reconstituting a healthy gut microbiome could reduce cardiovascular deaths and help individuals live healthier lives.

Information on how to register for the webinar can be found on the Frontiers in Circadian Medicine website.