National Post Speaks With U of G Philosophy of Medicine Expert

a photo of Prof. Maya Goldenberg

Prof. Maya Goldenberg

The National Post asked U of G philosophy professor Maya Goldenberg to take part in a round-up survey of medical and public policy experts about what they’re anticipating for the next 100 days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Goldenberg, who specializes in the philosophy of science and medicine, said she looked forward to a time when our governments can explore kinder options to allow residents in long-term care facilities to see their loved ones.

“Our elderly have been through a lot and deserve the comfort of family,” she said.

She added she is concerned that school boards have not been given teachers and school boards enough direction on how to prepare for the coming school year or plan for challenges.

Goldenberg, who has focused much of her research in recent years on why some people become wary of science, recently spoke to the National Post about what it will take to convince Canadians to trust a COVID-19 vaccine, if one ever becomes available.