June 16 Board of Governors: Budget Approved, OVC Capital Project Approved, Membership Changes


The most recent U of G Board of Governors meeting was held June 16. Below are key highlights from the meeting. A full synopsis of the meeting is available on the University Secretariat’s website.

2020-21 Budget Approved

The budget is one of the University’s key strategy documents and articulates how it will allocate resources in support of its mission over the coming fiscal year. At its most recent meeting, the Board unanimously approved the 2020-21 budget plan. As a result of the uncertainty created in the broader higher education environment by COVID-19, University administration will continue to monitor and keep the Board of Governors up to date on budgetary impacts related to COVID-19 throughout the summer months and into the fall.

More information on the budget process can be found on the Provost’s budget website.

OVC Renovations – ICU and Exam Rooms

The Board approved an $8.36 million renovation of a former surgical suite to accommodate an expanded intensive care unit (ICU ) as well as new treatment rooms that are better oriented to public spaces in the building. The current facilities were constructed between the late 1960s and 1980s with minor renovations over the past 40 years. The renovation will provide a higher level of functionality and efficiency that will improve daily operations while attracting students, faculty and staff. The project will be paid for with donated funds.

Board Membership Changes

The Board concluded its last meeting of the year by thanking departing members for their service. Leaving the Board of Governors this year are Paul Gibson, Danyelle Liddle, Byron Sheldrick and Cameron Stotts.

Joining the Board over the summer are:

  • Jacqueline Kreller-Vanderkooy | Faculty/Librarian
  • Melanie McCaig, BComm ‘18, MA ‘19 | Graduate Student
  • Tom Mennill | Audit Partner – KPMG
  • Naki Osutei, BA ‘02, MA ‘06 | Associate Vice President (Social Impact Canada) – TD Bank
  • Nicole Walker | Undergraduate Student