UC Construction Update: What to Expect


During the week of Aug. 19, ongoing tiling work at the University Centre will continue. Pedestrian traffic ways will be created to delineate access routes away from work areas. These may change as work progresses and new concrete sets. A temporary barrier-free entrance at the north end of the University Centre (by Branion Plaza) is now in place to accommodate construction in the building.

Temporary access maps will be posted around the building on Aug. 19 identifying paths to all locations within the University Centre.

What caused the delay?

Retiling work in the UC was meant to be finished by mid-August. But, as the old tile was removed, it became clear the floor’s sub-structure had degraded due to salt and water exposure and needed immediate repair. Those repairs have caused delays to the project.

With the aim of minimizing disruptions during the work week, the University Centre was closed from Aug. 16  to Aug. 19 to allow crews to work around the clock  tearing out the UC’s old tile and pouring a concrete base for new tile to be installed.

Is it still going to be dusty and noisy in the UC?

Over the past week, disruptive construction work that caused some dust and noise was required in an effort to keep the project on schedule. While that work took place, steps were taken to reduce the amount of dust in the air. Hospitality Services implemented additional measures to ensure the safety of food and beverages served in the UC.

That disruptive work is now over, meaning a quieter and cleaner UC during the work week.

Will the work be finished by the time students come back?

With construction scheduled over the weekend and tiling work through the rest of August, it is anticipated that the University Centre will be ready for students by the end of the month.

The tiling project was planned in two phases. Phase 1 includes new tiles in the UC courtyard and wings and new flooring at the building’s north and south entrances. This phase should be complete by Labour Day. Phase 2 includes new tiles in the seating area by Subway and Starbucks. That work will take place in summer 2020.

Who to contact for more information

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Thank you for your patience

The Physical Resources team, UC Services and Hospitality Services appreciate your patience and understanding throughout this project.