Veterinarian with large dog
Prof. Sam Hocker, OVC

Cannabis products like CBD oil are proven effective at treating conditions like inflammation, arthritis and joint pain in people, but there is little evidence that such products have the same effect on pets, according to a Global News story.

Prof. Sam Hocker, professor of medical oncology at the Ontario Veterinary College, is featured in the story. While many believe there is potential for using cannabis products in veterinary medicine, Hocker calls the subject “a dangerous grey area.”

“We have a lot of people using it and very little evidence to tell us how it works in these different settings and what effect it has on the body,” he said.

Although research is sparse on the subject, some studies suggest cannabis products may have a positive impact on conditions like arthritis and chronic pain in pets, according to the story. But little is actually known about how cannabis interacts with animal brains.