Smiling Geoff Power in suit and tie
Prof. Geoff Power, Human Health and Nutritional Sciences

U of G Prof. Geoff Power in the Department of Human Health and Nutritional Sciences is quoted in a Toronto Star story about one athlete who is pushing his body to the limits in his 50s.

Masters sprinter Chris Warburton, 53, of Pickering, has set a goal to break the 11-second mark in the 100-metre sprint. According to the article, no athlete over 51 has ever achieved the feat.

Power, an expert in neuromuscular physiology, said the body is highly adaptable.

“It will adapt to the demand placed on it,” he said. “If the demand is putting your feet up and watching TV, you’re going to have that loss of muscle, strength and power. But if the demand is training to be a high-level athlete, it can adapt to that as well.”

Power studies the effects of aging on muscles, including changes to muscle mechanics from muscle fatigue, damage and natural aging. He also examines masters athletes and the neuroprotective effects of exercise.