Psychology Prof Discusses Shifts in U.S. Political Conservatism

Prof. Dan Meegan with his new book

Prof. Dan Meegan

Prof. Dan Meegan, from U of G’s Department of Psychology, has written a three-part series for The New Statesman about whether conservatives in the United States who have long been against “big government” are now ready to embrace socialist ideas.

In his first instalment, Meegan argued that the recent rise of the left suggests Americans may be open to European-style protections against the downsides of capitalism.

In Part 2, he examined why social security is so popular even among conservative voters.

A third instalment will be published July 3.

An expert in the psychology of fairness, Meegan is the author of the new book America the Fair: Using Brain Science to Create a More Just Nation (Cornell University Press). The book explores how liberals and conservatives see the world through different justice lenses and how those differences affect their political decisions.