Ecological Change Expert Appears on Global News Morning Show


Prof. Madhur Anand

Prof. Madhur Anand, a professor in U of G’s School of Environmental Sciences, appeared on Global News’s The Morning Show program on Wednesday, June 12, to discuss her recent research that found that simple social interactions can affect climate change predictions.

Anand and her team found that social learning about strategies to mitigate climate change can influence behaviours. They then developed a mathematical model to account for these social processes.

Canadian Press covered the research in an article that appeared in several publications, including The Globe and Mail.

She also recently contributed a commentary to Conversation Canada about why the term “climate change” no longer accurately reflects the seriousness of our environmental emergency.

Anand studies global ecological changes, including impacts of climate change and land use, and modelling of human-environment sustainability. She is the director of U of G’s Global Ecological Change and Sustainability Lab and focuses on protecting ecosystems from human-mediated changes, conserving biodiversity heritage while also sustaining global economies.

Her research has been conducted in Ontario’s Wolf Lake Forest Reserve, the largest, intact old-growth red pine forest in the world, as well as in one of the most endangered ecosystems in the world, the Araucaria-dominated Atlantic rainforests of Brazil.