U of G Has Expert on Marketing’s Effects on Children

headshot of Prof. Tirtha Dhar

Prof. Tirtha Dhar

The University of Guelph has an expert who can comment on issues involving marketing that appeals to children.

Tirtha Dhar, a professor in the Department of Marketing and Consumer studies, recently appeared in a City News article about a Vancouver cannabis store with a logo that appeared similar to that used by a major toy retailer.

Dhar said he was troubled by the store’s signage, saying children are easily influenced by logos that appeal to them.

He told the news outlet that children are highly vulnerable to advertising, and studies show that engaging customers with a brand at a young age increases the chances they will remain loyal once they are older.

Dhar has done extensive research on the impact of marketing on children, particularly in the area of fast food.


Prof Tirtha Dhar