Need Some Help to Make the Most of Your University Experience?


It’s not always easy finding the right path at university. The Student Experience team is here to help.

Bounce Back for first-year students

This one-on-one support program is available to any first-year students who are struggling. Bounce Back can help you find motivation, figure out if you’re in the right program or support you if you’re generally feeling a little lost and need some guidance.

Register online for your first meeting with a facilitator.

ReSTART for second-year students

If you’re in your second year at U of G and haven’t figured out what you want out of university or how to achieve success, ReSTART can help. This one-on-one support program is very similar to STARTonTrack and Bounce Back.

Register online for ReSTART.

Eligibility for these programs is based on students’ interest, not grades.