U of G Has Expert on the History of Canada’s Food Guide

Portrait of Ian Mosby in shirt and jacket

Prof. Ian Mosby

The upcoming unveiling of a revised Canada’s Food Guide has hit the headlines in recent weeks.

U of G researcher Ian Mosby says the original guide, developed in 1942, was geared to producing the next generation of soldiers and industrial workers.

Revising the guide by taking certain food items out and adding others, he added, has become increasingly difficult.  All along the way, the food industry has influenced the contents, said Mosby.

The historian, who is also the award-winning author of Food Will Win the War, is an expert in food, health, colonialism and the history and development of Canada’s Food Guide. In 2016, he was named among the most influential people in the field of Canadian food by the Globe and Mail.

Mosby was recently featured in a CBC News story on the intriguing history of Canada’s Food Guide.

He is available to speak with media.

Contact: imosby@uoguelph.ca