Prof Talks Climate Change on CBC Radio


Prof. Merritt Turetsky

Integrative biology professor Merritt Turetsky was featured on CBC’s Quirks and Quarks on Dec. 29, talking about climate change.

Turetsky, who holds the Canada Research Chair in Integrative Ecology, discussed forest fires and climate change as part of a special segment that looked back at the year in climate science and policy.

She discussed highlights such as the 2018 report of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, this year’s U.S. National Climate Assessment, the busy 2018 fire season in Ontario and new opportunities posed by climate change, including agriculture in the North.

An ecosystem ecologist, Turetsky studies climate change across Canada’s arctic and boreal biomes, including effects on soil health and water quality.

She was selected as one of 15 American Association for the Advancement of Science Leshner Fellows for 2018-19 – the only Canadian chosen this year. As an AAAS Leshner Fellow, she communicates issues related to climate change and food and water security in the North.

Hosted by Bob McDonald, Quirks and Quarks is an award-winning international science program focusing on implications of discoveries and developments in science and technology.