Christian Science Monitor Story About Slumping U.S. Milk Prices Features Prof


Prof. Alan Ker was interviewed for a July 17 Christian Science Monitor story about how slumping milk prices in the U.S. are forcing many American dairy farmers to rethink their business model or get out of dairy farming altogether.

The article said milk prices have dropped because of overproduction worldwide. Many U.S. dairy farmers are being forced to look for alternative business models — such as adding cheese production or switching to sheep or goat milk — or leave the business altogether.

The article said some American farmers are looking to Canada’s milk production system, which imposes quotas on farmers and places barriers on dairy imports as a possible way to prevent the collapse of many U.S. dairy farms.

Ker, director of the Institute for the Advanced Study of Food and Agricultural Policy at U of G, said Canada’s quota system has kept prices stable and has removed an element of risk for farmers.

He studies econometrics, public policy, and political economy and trade.