A University of Guelph food science professor has received an international award for his work with fats, lipids and oils.

Prof. Alejandro Marangoni

Food science professor Alejandro Marangoni received the 2017 Alton E. Bailey Award on May 1. The annual award was established in 1959 by the American Oil Chemists’ Society (AOCS).

Named for a former AOCS president, the award recognizes lifetime contributions to research in fats and oils.

Marangoni, holder of the Canada Research Chair in Food, Health and Aging, has received a number of awards for his studies in lipid science.

“The work we do in my lab is focused on physics and physical chemistry of lipids, and Bailey was a pioneer in this field,” said Marangoni, who has studied lipid crystallization for 25 years at U of G.

“It is particularly rewarding to be the recipient of an award bearing his name.”