Engineering Professor Receives National Award


Guelph device will test cattle for subclinical ketosis.

A University of Guelph engineering professor has been recognized with a national award by Engineers Canada.

Prof. Suresh Neethirajan received a 2015 Young Engineering Achievement Award as part of the awards the organization hands out each year.

Neethirajan was recognized for reaching “global stature through his outstanding research and accomplishments in the area of biological and biomedical engineering,” said the notice in The Globe and Mail.

Neethirajan, director of the University of Guelph’s BioNano Laboratory, is working with his team to develop a number of applications and tools in the lab, including an avian flu detector, a nanoscale tool to image chromosome structures, and a tool to use electrical charges to fight infections.

The notice went on to say that Neethirajan is “considered the Canadian leader in microfluidics and bionanotechnology for agricultural, food and biomedical applications.”