Search Committee Struck for Provost and VP Academic


A search committee has been established to select a new provost and vice-president (academic) to succeed Prof. Maureen Mancuso, who will complete her term July 31.

The committee makeup and representation follow the Board of Governors policy on University appointments. Chaired by the University president, the group consists of the following members:

Michael Emes, dean, College of Biological Science;

Elizabeth Stone, dean, Ontario Veterinary College;

Prof. Andrew Bailey, College of Arts;

Prof. Bill Van Heyst, College of Physical and Engineering Science;

Prof. Alice Hovorka, College of Social and Applied Human Sciences (CSAHS);

Megan Moore, undergraduate student, bachelor of bio-resource management;

Thomas Sasso, PhD candidate, CSAHS;

Michelle Fach, staff member, Open Learning and Educational Support; and

Kate Revington, staff member, associate university secretary.

The Board of Governors chair will also appoint an external board member in June.

The committee will consult with a yet-unnamed executive search firm specializing in senior-level recruitment for the public and not-for-profit sectors. The committee will begin by developing a candidate profile for this key position, and will seek input from members of the University community.